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Once in awhile, you find out a student missed a full work day after you've already sent that date's time cards. A student also may miss a partial day by arriving late or departing early. To keep your attendance accurate in Work Studyforce, you can create a new missed day on the student's page.

If you know in ahead of time that a student will be absent, do  not create a missed day in advance. If you create a missed day before time cards are sent for that date, you won't be able to send time cards from the "Time Cards By Date" tab; instead you'll get page below when you go to that tab.

Create a Full Missed Day

  1. Navigate to the desired student's page and scroll down to the Missed Day section. Click on the New Missed Day button.
  2. In the Information section:
    1. Choose the date on which the missed day occurred.
    2. The Term is the current school year (typing in "2017-2018," for example, is sufficient).
    3. To locate the Employment, type in the name of the company at which the student works and click on the magnifying glass icon next to this field. This will bring up a list of employments at that partner.
  3. In the new window, locate and click on the link to the student's employment, which you can find in the Employment Name column.
  4. In the Outcome and Resolution section:
    1. If the missed day has not been resolved (i.e. the student still needs to make-up the missed day), you can leave everything in this section blank and click Save.
      You don't need to fill in the "Resolved By" or "Date Resolved" fields. These fields are populated automatically when a student submits a time card on a make-up day. For more information, check out the article on Missed Day Time Cards.
    2. If, for any reason, the student does not need to make up the missed day, see the article on Excusing a Missed Day.

Create a Partial Missed Day

If the student went to work but missed part of a work day, it is likely that you sent her a time card, but still want to log the missed time. You can note that in the Partial Missed Day section of the missed day by checking the box and including any relevant notes.

If you go back to the student's page, you'll see that a partial missed day is indicated in the Missed Days section.

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