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There are a number of reasons why a student or supervisor might need a time card re-sent to them. For example:

  • The student's e-mail address was incorrect on the time card that was originally sent.
  • A supervisor has mysteriously lost the time card feedback request e-mail in her exploding inbox.

Re-send to Students

  1. Navigate to the student's page, scroll down to the Time Cards section, and click on the Time Card Number link of the desired time card.

  2. At the bottom right corner of the time card page, you'll find the e-mail address to which that particular time card was sent. Double click the e-mail address and type your updated e-mail address into the box. Click the Save button.
    In this example, we changed the student's e-mail address from to

  3. Click the Re-send to Student button to send the time card to the student's updated e-mail address.
  4. To ensure that future time cards are sent to the correct e-mail address, be sure to update the Email field on the student's page.

Re-send to Supervisors

A time card can only be re-sent to a supervisor if the student already has completed and submitted her time card.

If no update is needed for the supervisor's e-mail address, simply navigate to the desired time card and click on the Re-send to Supervisor button. The supervisor should receive an e-mail with the student's completed time card to approve.

If the supervisor's e-mail address needs to be updated, edit it on the contact page of the supervisor before clicking on the "Re-send to Supervisor" button. You easily can access the supervisor's contact page by hovering over the name and clicking on the Edit button in the speech bubble that pops up.

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