Adding an Attachment to a Student

Updated 2 years ago by Rachel Chow

The Attach File feature enables you to upload documents directly to a student's page.

Examples of documents you might include are completed onboarding paperwork, improvement plans/contracts, and employability agreements.
  1. Navigate to the student's page, scroll down to the Notes & Attachments section, and click on the Attach File button. 
  2. Follow the instructions on the next screen.

    Don't forget to click on the Attach File button in step 2. If you click "Done" without clicking "Attach File" first, your attachment won't upload to your task.
    If you're uploading a particularly large file, it may take a few seconds to upload. Be sure to wait for the message below confirming the upload before clicking the Done button.
  3. If you want to edit, view, or delete your attachment, return to the "Notes & Attachments" section of the student's page and utilize the Action list provided.

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